The Productivity Workshop Replay

Before you start the workshop, please take a moment to download your PDF Workbook and have it ready to fill out as we go through it in real time.

You will want to print it out or have it pulled up on a separate iPad so that you can fill it out and take notes as I present on the workshop replay.

Download Your Workbook

Time Stamps

If you want to navigate to specific sections of the workshop, here are the relevant timestamps for where to fast forward the video to:

  • 12:09 → The Four Symptoms of a Busted Productivity System
  • 19:15 → Mental Models
  • 26:25 → The Sweet Spot of Meaningful Productivity
  • 27:55 → The Flywheel of Focused Productivity (Overview)
  • 34:00 → IDENTIFY (Flywheel Step 1)
  • 55:50 → Q&A
  • 1:03:10 → PLAN (Step 2)
  • 1:19:20 → ACT (Step 3)
  • 1:38:40 → CELEBRATE (Step 4)
  • 1:47:45 → Final Q&A

For those interested in participating in the next Focus Course Academy, go here.

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