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I’ve discovered exactly how to overcome procrastination (which also has the added benefit of reducing stress, and getting back so much more time). Get all my tips, tricks, and science-backed strategies, just $7.99 … right now only.

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Shawn gets it. And best of all… he can help you get it, too. I found this course to be affirming and helpful

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The four reasons people procrastinate (and how to fix it). (Surely, this alone is worth the price of a burger.)

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One simple method for identifying your essential tasks of the day.

When to actually listen to your procrastination.

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Hey!! Shawn here. So, true story…

I used to work 80 hours per week.

And yet I still felt behind with my never-ending issues at work. I kept thinking I would eventually get ahead of the craziness and start making progress on meaningful work.

I have spent years figuring out solutions related to focus and overcoming procrastination. Now, I teach these systems to thousands of people. And I would love the chance to serve you as well and help you get your tasks and time under control.

I’ve taken the strategies and “pro-tips” that I’ve developed over 20 years of testing and put them into this eBook & Workshop.

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