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Design your ideal weekly schedule (with less busywork and distractions)

When it comes to planning out (and living out) your dream week, we’re taking the best of the best that we have taught to over 17,000+ busy creative professionals over the years, and distilling it all down into this 4-day virtual summit.

By Friday, you’ll have a completely new outlook on your weekly schedule.

You’ll get fresh clarity about identifying something that truly matters to you.

You’ll have a renewed vision for what your dream week could actually look like (and how to make it a reality).

You’ll learn new skills, get new ideas, and develop a new mindset for how to more consistently plan your week better — making space for important goals in life and business.

You will be more in control of your week and know why that matters.

The Agenda

Session 1: Get Focused

If you sometimes struggle to manage, organize, and prioritize your tasks and your time… this first workshop will give you the practical tools you can begin using right now to start to get on top of things. You’ll discover the flywheel of toxic urgency and busywork, and how to create a healthy productivity cycle in your life and business.

Session 2: Get Clear

During day 2, you’ll gain clarity on what’s truly important in your life right now. By the end, you’ll know what to prioritize (and, just as importantly, what to say “no” to) so you can ensure your actions are aligned with what matters most to you.

Session 3: Design Your Dream Week

Now that you’re clear on the things that matter, you can build a schedule that allows you to focus on them consistently. Deep work time in the morning? No meetings on Mondays? Family time every night after 6pm? This will be unique to the nuances of your life so you can set yourself up for success.

Session 4: Implement Your Dream Week

This is when we’ll get tactical. You’ll put all the pieces together and learn how to actually plan and consistently live out your Dream Week. Which pieces can you implement immediately? Which ones can you work toward implementing in the future? I’ll walk you through the tools and workflows I use so you can adapt them to fit your life.

Business Owner’s Roundtable

After the Dream Week Summit, I’ll be hosting a smaller, private discussion specifically for business owners and leaders.

There are challenges to time management and focus that are unique to full-time business leaders. After the Dream Week Summit concludes, Shawn is hosting bonus session just for other business owners who want to: (a) simplify their own schedule; and, (b) bring more clarity and calm to their team.

Note: If you’re a business owner or leader and you’d like to join me for this smaller, private call, there’s an option to add it to your order during the checkout process.

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Your Host

Hey! I’m Shawn Blanc. Founder of the Focus Course and Focus Like a Boss.

I’ve been planning my weeks for more than 15 years. And I’ve spent years figuring out the solutions to focus and time management. At this point, it feels like I’ve pretty much perfected my system.

By planning my week in a certain way, it has helped me eliminate 90% of the busywork, urgency, and procrastination from my week.

And it’s a big part of how I’m able to run my full-time business on a part-time schedule!

I hope you’ll join me for our first-ever “Dream Week Summit” to take you thought, step by step, how to plan out your ideal week.



Productivity Templates Overview

As a participant in the Dream Week Summit, you’ll also get a copy of the workbook we’ve put together just for you. The Dream Week workbook includes custom templates for planning your week and your day, time-blocking cheat sheets, productivity quick-start guides, and more.

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