Day One In Depth: Table of Contents

Day One In Depth is a comprehensive guide to Day One, the best journaling app for Mac and iOS.

Below is the complete table of contents for Day One In Depth.

Chapter 1: Journaling Can Change Your Life

Journaling has so many benefits beyond catharsis. It can be a critical component to a meaningful life of creativity, productivity, and leadership. In this chapter we discuss the value of journaling itself, covering how journaling helps with memory, finding mental and emotional clarity, growing as a writer, increasing productivity, and more.

Chapter 2: Why Day One?

In this chapter we discuss the many advantages to using a digital journal, and why we believe Day One is the best journaling app out there for Mac and iOS.

Chapter 3: The Big Features

Here we discuss all of Day One’s most high-level features that are central to both the Mac and iOS apps.

  • Search and Discover
  • Making the Most of Tags
  • Day One’s Publish feature
  • How to Share and Export your Day One Entries
  • Sync (keeping your journal in sync between multiple devices)
  • Day One Markdown Guide

Chapter 4: The Mac App

In this chapter we go in depth to how Day One on the Mac works and how to get the most out of it.

  • Basics of How the Mac App Works
  • How to Create a New Entry on the Mac
  • Advanced Filtering of your Timeline View
  • Location and Maps
  • Customizing and Fine Tuning your Day One
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 5: The iOS App

In this chapter we go in depth to how Day One for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch works and how to get the most out of it.

  • Introduction to Day One on iPhone and iPad
  • Creating and Editing Entries on iOS
  • Day One Reminders on iOS
  • Advanced Settings
  • The Day One Today Widget
  • The Day One Share Extension

Chapter 6: Day One on Apple Watch

  • How to set up and use Day One on your Apple Watch.

Chapter 7: Getting More out of Day One

In this chapter we give ideas and tutorials for how to use Day One beyond just a standard journal.

  • Suggested Uses for Day One
  • Using Day One During Your Down Time
  • How to Use Day One as a Travel Log
  • How to Develop a Consistent Journaling Routine
  • Day One and Going Paperless
  • 30 Day Journaling Challenge

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