Design Your Ideal Weekly Schedule (with less busywork and distractions)

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Let’s design your ideal week!

Shawn Blanc

Hey! I’m Shawn Blanc and I’m obsessed with planning out my week (and my day). And I finally bundled together the templates and system I use for this stuff. I decided to give it away, along with a 12-minute workshop video to walk you through the simple process of how to plan out your ideal week.

If your day feels consumed with busywork and meetings, and you’re fighting against overwhelm and distractions at work, I would love to help you gain control of your time.

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What’s inside this workshop bundle?

Here’s a look at how I can help you remove the busywork and distractions from your schedule.

💻How to Plan Your Week (Workshop Video): Your step-by-step guide for exactly how to use the Weekly Planner and organize your week.

📝Daily Scheduler: Get crystal clear on your daily priorities so that nothing falls through the cracks. Get things out of your head and onto a schedule that works.

📑Weekly Planner: Set your most important priorities and themes in advance. The “cheat code” to saving hours of your life on busywork.

📋Distraction Buster: When you’ve got that one thing you’ve just GOT to get done. The Focus Intention worksheet uses a scientifically proven approach to increase productivity and follow-through by 300%.

Productivity Checklist: The science-backed, step-by-step checklist that guides you through our breakthrough 4-Focus Method.

📝Time Blocking Quick-Start Guide: Step-by-step checklist to help you with the most productive and powerful way to set up your daily calendar.

💻Detailed Notebook Walkthrough (Video): A complete, behind-the-scenes walkthrough of how to set up your own weekly and daily schedules (with goal setting) in an analog notebook.



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