Sponsorship Checklist

Thank you again for booking a sponsorship. I’m incredibly grateful for your support, and I hope your ads turn out to be wildly successful. — Shawn and The Sweet Setup team

IMPORTANT: Listed below are all the elements and specifics needed for your sponsorships. Please note that upon payment of your sponsorship invoice, you are agreeing to the sponsorship requirements listed below. If you cannot or, perhaps choose not to, follow these guidelines then we will consider your reserved sponsorship forfeit and your payment non-refundable.

1: URL

  • Please provide us with the web address all your ads will to link to

URL Pro Tip: clean URLs tweet better. They look better and are less intimidating. If you want to do your own click-through tracking (we don’t do any here) consider setting up a custom URL such as yourawesomesite.com/sweet.

2: For Blog Post sponsorship

Please provide the following:

  • Post title
  • Name of product / service being promoted
  • 1,300 pixel-wide graphic with variable height (optional) (will display as 650xN for Retina)
  • 150 words or less of sponsorship text (can include links)

3: Top-of-the-sidebar ad

  • 260×200 pixel banner ad (will display as 130×100 for Retina screens)
  • One sentence of accompanying text

4: Bottom-of-the-sidebar graphic ad

  • 600×500 banner ad (will display as 300×250 for Retina)

If you have any questions, just email Joanna: desk@blancmedia.org